man axnet_cs (Fichiers spéciaux) - Asix AX88190 chipset PCMCIA Ethernet Driver


axnet_cs - Asix AX88190 chipset PCMCIA Ethernet Driver


insmod axnet_cs.o [pc_debug=c n] [irq_list=c i,j,...]


Axnet_cs is a driver for PCMCIA ethernet cards based on the Asix AX88190 chipset. These cards are mostly NE2000 compatible but have several bugs that are sufficiently tricky to work around that a separate driver was deemed necessary. When this driver is bound to a card, it allocates the next available ethernet device (eth0..eth#). This device name will be reported in the kernel log file, and passed on to cardmgr(8).

The driver uses the N-Way autonegotiating transceiver to negotiate the speed and duplex of the network link. If the link partner does not support negotiation, only the link speed is detected. To monitor or override the autonegotiation process, see mii-tool(8).


Selects the PCMCIA debugging level. This parameter is only available if the module is compiled with debugging enabled. A non-zero value enables debugging.
Specifies the set of interrupts that may be allocated by this driver.


axnet_cs: this is not an AX88190 card!
Indicates that this card is probably a normal NE2000 compatible card, which requires the pcnet_cs driver.
eth#: interrupt(s) dropped!
Indicates that the driver did not receive an interrupt notification for some reason. The driver will poll the card (with a significant performance penalty) if the problem persists. The most likely cause is an interrupt conflict and/or host bridge configuration problem.


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