man imsmap () - generate fractal maps


imsmap - generate fractal maps


imsmap [-display host:display.screen] [-foreground color] [-background color] [-window] [-root] [-mono] [-install] [-visual visual] [-ncolors int] [-delay seconds] [-iterations int] [-mode h|s|v|random] [-cycle] [-no-cycle]


The imsmap program generates map or cloud-like patterns. It looks quite different in monochrome and color.


imsmap accepts the following options:

Draw on a newly-created window. This is the default.
Draw on the root window.
If on a color display, pretend we're on a monochrome display.
Install a private colormap for the window.
-visual visual
Specify which visual to use. Legal values are the name of a visual class, or the id number (decimal or hex) of a specific visual.
-ncolors integer
How many colors to use. Default 50.
-delay integer
How long to delay between images. Default 10 seconds.
-iterations integer
A measure of the resolution of the resultant image, from 0 to 7. Default 7.
-mode [ hue | saturation | value | random ]
The axis upon which colors should be interpolated between the foreground and background color. Default random.
Whether to do colormap cycling. Default is to cycle.
Number of microseconds between shifts of the colormap; default 100000, or 1/10th second.


to get the default host and display number.
to get the name of a resource file that overrides the global resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.



Juergen Nickelsen <>, 23-aug-92.

Hacked on by Jamie Zawinski <>, 24-aug-92, 17-May-97.