man aideinit (Administration système) - create a new aide database


aideinit - create a new aide database


aideinit [options]


aideinit creates a new aide database. It will initialize an aide database in the default database_out location. It will then prompt you to replace your existing aide database. In most cases you will want to check for any problems before doing this.

aideinit attempts to automatically detect the correct locations of your database and database_out files based on your aide.conf settings. These settings may be overriden on the command line, as may the prompts.


-y, --yes
Overwrite database_out file
-f, --force
Force overwrite of database with new database
-c, --config
Specify alternate config file
-o, --output
Specify alternate output file
-d, --database
Specify alternate database file
-b, --background
Run in the background (will mail any errors to aide.conf MAILTO or root)


aide configuration file
Default location for aide database
Default location for newly-created aide database


This manual page was written by Mike Markley <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).