man apmiser (Administration système) - power-saving daemon for ThinkPads


apmiser - power-saving daemon for ThinkPads


apmiser [OPTIONS]


apmiser is a power expenditure management daemon for IBM ThinkPad laptop computers.

apmiser periodically checks your CPU utilization. If the machine is using battery power or is charging the battery and apmiser sees that you are using a lot of CPU, it switches the machine into "high" power-expenditure mode for as long as required, then switches back to "auto"matic power-expenditure mode. Some users have found that this yields a better combination of performance and battery longevity than one gets with one of the power expenditure modes on its own.


Detach from the controlling tty and run in the background

Display information about the options

Set the CPU usage level above which to run at full speed

Set the CPU usage level below which to start saving power

Send all messages to the syslog facility

Set how many seconds later the CPU usage should still matter

Set how strongly recent CPU usage should be favored

Report all power expenditure level changes

Report the version number of the apmiser program


apmiser should be written in C and should use libsmapidev instead of tpctl to set the power expenditure level.


apmiser was written by David L. Sifry and wayne.

This man page was written by David L. Sifry and Thomas Hood.