man checkactive () - check format of news active file


checkactive - check format of news active file


checkactive [ -q ] [ -n ] [ -i ] [ file ]


Checkactive checks the format of news's active file (or the named file, if specified), and also checks the file for consistency with the sys file. Complaints, if any, are produced on standard output.

The -n (numeric fields okay) option suppresses checking of the relationship between the two middle (numeric) fields, for the case where they are about to be rebuilt.

The -q (quick) option suppresses one test, precise checking of the format of newsgroup names, which is relatively slow for a large active file.

The -i (incomplete) option indicates that the input is only part of an active file and might be incomplete, e.g. it might not have entries for the ``control'' and ``junk'' pseudo-newsgroups.



Written at U of Toronto by Henry Spencer.


There's no good reason why name-format checking has to be so slow.