man mkhistory () - rebuild news history file


mkhistory - rebuild news history file


b/maint/mkhistory [ -s sizemultiplier ]


Mkhistory rebuilds the history file and its auxiliaries to match the articles in a. Normally mkhistory uses a reasonable default size for the dbz(3Z) index database; if the -s option is given, the expected number of entries in the history database is taken to be the number of articles found in a times sizemultiplier.

Mkhistory is fairly slow and locks the whole news system for the duration of the run, so it should not be run casually.


c/history	history file
c/history.pag	dbm database for history file
c/history.dir	dbm database for history file
c/history.n*	new history file and dbm files abuilding
b/maint/*	various auxiliaries



Written at U of Toronto by Henry Spencer.


Mkhistory is inherently incapable of reconstructing history-file lines corresponding to expired articles. Protection against old articles reappearing is thus somewhat limited for a while after the history file is rebuilt.