man dropbear (Administration système) - lightweight SSH2 server


dropbear - lightweight SSH2 server


dropbear [-FEmwsgjki] [-b banner] [-d dsskey] [-r rsakey] [-p port]


dropbear is a SSH 2 server designed to be small enough to be used in small memory environments, while still being functional and secure enough for general use.


-b banner bannerfile. Display the contents of the file banner before user login (default: none).
-d dsskey dsskeyfile. Use the contents of the file dsskey for the dss host key (default: /etc/dropbear/dropbear_dss_host_key). This file is generated with dropbearkey(8).
-r rsakey rsakeyfile. Use the contents of the file rsakey for the rsa host key (default: /etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key). This file is generated with dropbearkey(8).
Don't fork into background.
Log to standard error rather than syslog.
Don't display the message of the day on login.
Disallow root logins.
Disable password logins.
Disable password logins for root.
Disable local port forwarding.
Disable remote port forwarding.
-p port Listen on specified tcp port port; up to 10 can be specified (default 22 if none specified).
Service program mode. Use this option to run dropbear under TCP/IP servers like inetd, tcpsvd, or tcpserver. In program mode the -F option is implied, and -p options are ignored.
Allow remote hosts to connect to forwarded ports.


Matt Johnston (

Gerrit Pape ( wrote this manual page.


dropbearkey(8), dbclient(1)