man dump_cis (Administration système) - display PCMCIA Card Information Structures


dump_cis - display PCMCIA Card Information Structures


dump_cis [-f] [-v] [-i c infilec ]


Dump_cis retrieves and parses the Card Information Structures for inserted PCMCIA devices, or optionally, parses CIS information from a file.

The pack_cis utility can parse a subset of the non-verbose output of dump_cis, so it is fairly easy to use dump_cis output as templates for pack_cis. If a replacement CIS has been loaded for a card, dump_cis will display the replacement rather than the actual data on the card.


Force: attempt to decode any available CIS information even if the overall CIS organization appears to be invalid.
Verbose output: display raw hex data for each tuple, and provide a more complete dump of some tuple types.
-i infile
Read packed CIS data from a file (as created by pack_cis) instead of reading from active cards.


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