man icecast (Administration système) - MPEG Layer III Streaming Server


icecast - MPEG Layer III Streaming Server


icecast [-P port] [-p passwd] [-l file] [-d dir] [-c cfgfile] [-b]


This manual page documents briefly the icecast command. It was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

icecast is an audio broadcasting system that streams music in the MPEG Layer III format.

The options are as follows:

Force icecast server into the background
-c configuration_file
Use specified configuration file instead of default one (/etc/icecast/icecast.conf)
-d directory
Specifies the directory in which icecast will search for its config files. Default path is /etc/icecast
-l file
icecast will use the given file to store server logs. Default is /var/log/icecast/icecast.log
-p password
Specifies the password used to authenticate stream encoders
-P port
Specifies the port on which the server listens for client connections (default 8000)


Contains configuration data for icecast. The file format and configuration options are described in the html documentation shipped with the package, located in /usr/share/doc/icecast-server
contains configuration data for icecast mountpoints.
contains configuration data for icecast groups.
contains configuration data for icecast users.


Icecast was originally written by Jack Moffitt <>, Barath Raghavan <> and Alexander Havang <>.

This manual page was written by Emmanuel le Chevoir <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system, and may be used freely by other.