man slpd (Administration système) - SLPv2 Service Agent (SA)/Directory Agent (DA)


slpd - SLPv2 Service Agent (SA)/Directory Agent (DA)


/usr/sbin/slpd [-d] [-c configfile] [-r registrationfile] [-l logfile] [-p pidfile]


slpd is an SLPv2 compliant Service Agent and (optionally) Directory Agent. It listens for SLP requests on port 427, responding to the SLP User Agents and (when running as a DA) Service Agents. slpd is typically invoked at boot time, usually out of /etc/init.d/slpd .


Don't detach from the controlling tty
-f configfile
Use configfile as the file slpd reads to obtain configuration information, rather than the default, /etc/slpd.conf .
-r registrationfile
Use registrationfile as the file that slpd reads to obtain static registrations, rather than the default, /etc/slpd.rej.
-l logfile
Use logfile as the file that slpd reads to write log messages, rather than the default, /var/log/slpd.log.
-p pidfile
Use pidfile as the file that holds the slpd process id, rather than the default, /var/run/


"OpenSLP User's Guide"


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