man smbldap-groupadd (Administration système) - Create a new group


       smbldap-groupadd - Create a new group


       smbldap-groupadd [-g gid ] [-a] [-o] [-r rid] [-s sid]
       [-t group type] [-p] group


       The smbldap-groupadd command creates a new group account using
       the values specified on the command line and the default values
       from the configuration file.
       The new group will be entered into the system files as needed.
       Available options are :

       -g gid
          The numerical value of the group's ID. This value must be
          unique, unless the -o option is used. The value must be non-
          negative. The default is to use the smallest ID value greater
          than 1000 and greater than every other group.

          add an automatic Security ID for the group (SID).
          The rid of the group is calculated from the gidNumber of the
          group as rid=2*gidNumber+1001. Thus the resulted SID of the
          group is $SID-$rid where $SID and $rid are the domain SID and
          the group rid

          the group is also a AIX group

       -s sid
          set the group SID.
          The SID must be unique and defined with the domain Security ID
          ($SID) like sid=$SID-rid where rid is the group rid.

       -r rid
          set the group rid.
          The SID is then calculated as sid=$SID-rid where $SID is the
          domain Security ID.

       -t group type
          set the NT Group type for the new group. Available values are
          2 (domain group), 4 (local group) and 5 (builtin group).
          The default group type is 2.