man dbplaylist (Commandes) - Unified playlist for the DBMix sound system


dbplaylist - Unified playlist for the DBMix sound system




The DBMix sound system accepts input from various clients, in particular from several XMMS players. The dbplaylist tool is able to feed their playlists from a common source. It keeps track of which songs have already been played, and aids in cueing in the next song. A dbfsd must be running before dbplaylist can be started.

There are two ways to add songs to the playlist: Either import an mp3 playlist in standard m3u format, or drag'n'drop a file icon from a file manager onto the playlist field. (The file manager probably will have to use the GTK+ widget set, or drag'n'drop will fail.) Also use drag'n'drop to reorder the songs in the playlist. Each song gets assigned to a certain player, which is indicated to the right of the playlist.

A pink highlight in the playlist indicates the next song to be cued. The (pink) cue highlight stays on the same song, even when the playlist is reordered, unless a song is dropped straight on the highlighted entry. A blue highlight marks songs that are selected via the left mouse button. Some of the action buttons described below operate only on selected songs. Songs that have already been played are shown in red.


Player 1/Player 2
Drop down lists containing all current DBMix clients. dbplaylist only has the concept of two player, but the user is able to pick which DBMix clients these two players do represent. Currently, only XMMS clients are supported.
Cue Next Song
Takes the song under the cue highlight, and sets up that song on the player assigned to that song. The cue highlight is then moved to the next song in the list.
Cue Up/Down Arrow
Move the cue highlist up/down one position in the playlist. The player for the highlighted song is kept the same.
Swap Player
Swaps the player number for the selected song.
Removes the selected song from the playlist.
Load List
Load an XMMS-compatible playlist. File extensions .m3u and .M3U are supported.
Save List
Save the current playlist. The saved list is in a format that can be read by xmms, therefore no state information (player, current cue index, etc) will be kept.
Full Cue
When enabled, dbplaylist will not allow to cue a song to a player that is current playing a song.



This manual page was written by Daniel Kobras <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It is heavily based on DBMix's README file written by Robert Michael S Dean.