man encfsctl (Commandes) - administrative tool for working with EncFS filesystems


encfsctl - administrative tool for working with EncFS filesystems


encfsctl [command command_args]

encfsctl rootdir

encfsctl info rootdir

encfsctl passwd rootdir

encfsctl showcruft rootdir

encfsctl decode rootdir [encoded name]


encfsctl is an administrative tool for working with EncFS filesystems. It is capable of changing the user supplied password, displaying basic information about an encrypted volume, and other related operations.


Display basic information about the filesystem. Takes a single argument, rootdir, which is the root directory of the encrypted filesystem. The filesystem need not be mounted. Info is also the default command if only a root directory is provided on the command line.
Allows changing the password of the encrypted filesystem. The user will be prompted for the existing password and the new password.
Recursively search through the entire volume and display all files which are not decodable (only checks filename encoding, not block MAC headers). This might be useful for cleanup in case you've made use of features which create files which are not decodable under the primary key.
Allows you to specify an encoded name on the command line, and displayed a decoded version. This is mostly useful for debugging, as debug messages always display encrypted filenames (to avoid leaking sensitive data through the debug channels). So this command provides a way to decode the filenames. If no name is specified on the command line, then a list of filenames will be read from stdin and decoded.


Show information about an encrypted filesystem:

 % encfsctl info ~/.crypt

 Version 5 configuration; created by EncFS 1.1 (revision 20040504)
 Filesystem cipher: "ssl/aes" , version 2:1:1
 Filename encoding: "nameio/block" , version 3:0:1
 Key Size: 192 bits
 Block Size: 512 bytes
 Each file contains 8 byte header with unique IV data.
 Filesname encoded using IV chaining mode.


This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Please refer to the COPYING file distributed with encfs for complete details.


EncFS was written by Valient Gough <>.