man party () - set OS responses mode


party - set OS responses mode


party ON|OFF|WHEREIS [ - ] dnv


Operating systems being what they are, the admin people can easily grow tired of command responses that resemble dyslexic eugene-speak filtered through Kernighan and Ritchie's collective back-brains. To alleviate this, we have included a slightly more `casual' mode, in which the responses to all commands are first filtered through a customising routine (DUDE) , which makes them sound a little more friendly while retaining their full information content (usually). The rooted(c) system prompt is changed to `What now, dude?' and output from each command is terminated by `No problem, dude.'


Verbose mode (ALL commands have a `verbose' mode). When this option is present, all filtered responses are preceeded by a message: `This response has been parsed by the DUDE filter and is not intended to be some sort of sleazy come-on.'
Don't restart all processes after recompiling the /uselss/libs/eugene file (see below). This alows any important tasks to complete beforehand.
Notify all users that they are about to be force-logged out and force-logged in again.
Activates the DUDE filter.
De-activates the DUDE filter.
Doesn't do anything, but we couldn't resist it.


%-) party on

What now, dude?

To compare the differing responses, here is output provided by the ispi -s command, with party OFF and party ON:

party OFF

line who why how long


000 rooted that's you, dweeb! epoch


00F wp she's supposed to be 0:44:12 typing up the end of financial year report, but she's been doing her resume when she thinks no-one is watching


014 maint playing games, as usual 0:51:16

party ON

Well, let's see who's on, eh? There's you, of course, on line 000 (Imagine that! Hahaha!) Oh look, on serIOus line 00F, it's that cute little secretary - looks like she's lost her keyboard template again, she's been hitting the escape key for the past five minutes! AND OF COURSE, the guys down in maintenance are playing `cosmic ballcrushers'. As usual. Well, who else, um, no-one really interesting like, ya know, oh hang on, DTR is toggling on serIOus line 03D.. oh, no problem, it's that stuffed modem again. You want maybe I should send some AMail to maintenance and get 'em to look at it? No problem, dude.

What now, dude?


This  is  the pipe process,  usually
started  at system shoe,  which lies
idle until party ON is issued.
Contains all of the ordinary, ho-hum
confusing   computer   -   jargonese
responses  which commands ordinarily
issue.  Text file.
compiled version of the eugene file.
Checksum  for  the  compiled  eugene file.



The -n option can be slow.

If the n option is issued, some users in a wi editing session may not receive the `warning, restart imminent' message until after the restart.

There is no way selectively to follow symbolic links.

Sunburne Computer, Inc. 9 October 1991