man () - Create a list of commands for recreating screen graphics.

NAME - Create a list of commands for recreating screen graphics.

SYNOPSIS help [-cao] [frame=string[,string,...]] [remove=integer[,integer,...]] [move=from,to[,from,to,...]]


Save current frame
Save all the frames
Only map objects without extra header and tailer


Name of frame(s) to save
List no's to be removed, which are displayed in the right-most comments.

Note: 0 means the first drawing(equals 1), -1 means the last one.
List no's to be moved, "from" to "to".

Note: remove option will be done first, if any.


When GRASS display (d.) commands are used to generate graphical images on the graphics monitor, some commands are noted in lists that the current graphics driver (see manual entry for d.mon) maintains. This command,, uses this information to create a shell script that can be used to recreate graphics in another frame at another time. The shell script is sent to standard output (the user's terminal). If you wish to save the shell script created by, its output should be redirected to a file; for example: > script.out

The user can run the program non-interactively by specifying flag settings and parameter values on the command line. If the user types without specifying these program arguments, the user will be prompted for inputs through the standard user interface described in the manual entry for parser.


List no's are displayed in the right-most comments.

Display commands used interactively, and those that take their graphic instructions from standard input, will not be saved by







David Satnik, Central Washington University

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