man i.fusion.brovey () - Brovey transform to merge multispectral and high-res panchromatic channels


i.fusion.brovey - Brovey transform to merge multispectral and high-res panchromatic channels



i.fusion.brovey help

i.fusion.brovey [-lqs] ms1=string ms2=string ms3=string pan=string outputprefix=string


sensor: LANDSAT
sensor: QuickBird
sensor: SPOT


raster input map (green: tm2 | qbird_green | spot1)
raster input map (NIR: tm4 | qbird_nir | spot2)
raster input map (MIR; tm5 | qbird_red | spot3)
raster input map (etmpan | qbird_pan | spotpan)
raster output map prefix (e.g. 'brov')


i.fusion.brovey performs a Brovey transformation using three multispectral and the panchromatic satellite image scene channels. Three new channels are calculated according to the formula:


DN_fused = ------------------------------- * DN_pan

DN_b1 + DN_b2 + DN_b3

The assignment of the channels depends on the satellite. The module's help text (above) suggests for LANDSAT-7, QuickBird and SPOT.


The command changes temporarily to the high resolution of the panchromatic channels for creating the three output channels, then restores the previous region settings. The current region coordinates are respected. The three pan-sharpened output channels may be combined with d.rgb or r.composite.


i.his.rgb, i.rgb.his, d.rgb, r.composite


Original Brovey formula reference unknown, probably

Roller, N.E.G. and Cox, S., 1980. Comparison of Landsat MSS and merged MSS/RBV data for analysis of natural vegetation. Proc. of the 14th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, San Jose, Costa Rica, 23-30 April, pp. 1001-1007

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Markus Neteler, ITC-irst

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