man r.statistics () - Category or object oriented statistics.


r.statistics - Category or object oriented statistics.



r.statistics help

r.statistics [-c] base=string cover=string method=string [output=string]


Cover values extracted from the category labels of the cover map


Base raster map
Cover raster map
Method of object-based statistic Options: distribution,average,mode,median,avedev,stddev,variance,skewness,kurtosis,min,max,sum
Resultant raster map (not used with 'distribution')


r.statistics is a tool, where different class, resp. object oriented statistical analysis methods are possible.

The methods are the following:

[english] - [german]

distribution - Verteilung in Prozent

average - Durchschnitt

mode - Modalwert

median - Median

average deviation - Durchschnittliche Abweichung

standard deviation - Standardabweichung

variance - Varianz

skewness - Schiefe der Verteilung

kurtosis - Relative Abflachung (-) oder Zuspitzung (+)

minimum - Minimum

maximum - Maximum

sum - Summe The calculations will be performed for areas with data of the covering-layers which belong in the base-layer o the same category.

Setting the -c flag the category lables of the covering raster layer will be used. This is nice to avoid the GRASS limitation to interger in raster maps because using category values floating point numbers can be stored.

The output-layer is a reclassified version of the base-layer with identical category values. The results of the calculations are stored in the category labels of the output-layer.

The described output is valid for all calculations with exception of distribution. Here the output is given to stdout. A file name eventually specified will be ignored. The result will be a table with three columns. In the 1. column are the category values of the base-layer (a), in the 2. column the associated value of the cover-Layers (b) and in the 3. column the percentage of b from a. Example:

1 124 23

1 201 47

1 273 30

2 101 5

2 152 16

2 167 60

2 187 19





The source code of average, mode and median was taken from some GRASS raster modules.




r.mode, r.median, r.average, r.neighbors


Martin Schroeder, Geographisches Institut Heidelberg, Germany

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