man genesis-convert () - convert GENESIS 1.x scripts to GENESIS 2.x syntax and command names


convert - convert GENESIS 1.x scripts to GENESIS 2.x syntax and command names


convert [ oldscriptfile [ newscriptfile ] ] [ -noX1compat ] [ -constants scriptfile ... ]


Convert converts a GENESIS 1.x script file to GENESIS 2.x syntax replacing old command names and arguments with their GENESIS 2.x counterparts. Without arguments convert will read standard input and write to standard output. With arguments convert reads from and writes to the given file names. If the newscriptfile argument is not given, convert will output to a file with the same name as the input file less any directory path. If a directory path is not given for the input file output is written to standard output.

To convert entire script sets UNIX command shell loops may be used. Assuming that an old set of scripts lives in the directory ../oldscripts, then the following will convert the entire script set.

For csh:

foreach file (../oldscripts/*.g)
    convert $file

For sh:
for file in ../oldscripts/*.g
    convert $file



To correctly translate a script Convert needs to know the names of globally defined variables in a script set. The -constants option is used to identify the scripts in which these global script variables are defined. More than one script may be specified.


The automatic translation of create commands for Xodus objects to objects in the X1compat library may be suppressed using the -noX1compat option. In this case, converted scripts will use the Xodus 2 objects directly. This will work most of the time for the standard Xodus 1 interface objects, but will likely fail for the draw widgets and pixes. xgraph widgets may also fail when not using X1compat but have a better chance of working than xdraw et al.


The GENESIS 1.x to GENESIS 2.x conversion section of the GENESIS Reference Manual.


Convert is not a complete conversion solution. See the Doc/convert.doc help file for a complete discussion of conversion issues including a list of problem areas.

Convert will delete the contents of the input file if the output filename is the same as the input file name. This can be done implicitly if the input filename path refers to a file in the current directory using a relative path (e.g. convert ./file.g).

Convert makes use of the X1compat script set for compatibility with GENESIS 1.x graphical interface elements. The X1compat script directory should be added to the SIMPATH and the X1compat script called from the .simrc or the main simulation script.

Convert translates network models using GENESIS 1.x connections to commands in the connection compatibility library. This library is not included by default in the GENESIS 2.x executable. See the GENESIS Reference Manual for details on compiling GENESIS 2.x with the connection compatibility library and for tips on rewriting network simulations using the new network modeling objects and commands.