man tpkg-update () - Update gcc and binutils cross-compiling debs


tpkg-update - Update gcc and binutils cross-compiling debs




When a new binutils or gcc release is made upstream a new version of the package toolchain-source will be released containing the updated source code. When that happens all cross-compiler packages, as created by tpkg-make(1), will have to be updated and recompiled. They contain an exact version dependency on the toolchain-source package as a reference to the source code they originates from (as the policy and GLP dictates). This dependency will be unmet unless the packages are updated.

When a new toolchain-source package has been installed on a system this script can be run in the top dir of the gcc and binutils packages and it will update the dependency on toolchain-source and add an appropriate changelog entry. After that is done the packages can be recompiled with the updated sources. If everything works well the following commands will update and reinstall the packages:

apt-get install toolchain-source

cd binutils-<target>-<ver> tpkg-update debuild debi

cd ../gcc-<target>-<ver> tpkg-update debuild debi




Hakan Ardo <>