man partimage (Commandes) - back up and restore disk partitions


partimage - back up and restore disk partitions


partimage [ -bcdehimMnoSvwy ] [-B 'pattern response string'] [-z compresslevel] [-V volumesize] [-f actionatend] [-s server] [-p port] [-a mountoptions] [-U username] [-P password] [-g loglevel] [ save device image_file ]

partimage [ -bcdehimMnoSvwy ] [-B 'pattern response string'] [-z compresslevel] [-V volumesize] [-f actionatend] [-s server] [-p port] [-a mountoptions] [-U username] [-P password] [-g loglevel] [ restore device image_file/'stdin' ]

partimage [ restmbr image_file ]

partimage [ imginfo image_file ]


partimage backs up disk partitions into image files and restores them.


-z val, --compress val
Set image file compression level:

val=0: don't compress: very fast but very big image file

val=1: compress using gzip: fast and small image file (default)

val=2: compress using bzip2: very slow and very small image file
-c, --nocheck
Don't check the partition before saving.
-o, --overwrite
Overwrite the existing image file without confirmation.
-d, --nodesc
Don't ask any description for the image file.
-V vol, --volume vol
Split image into multiple volumes files. vol will be the size in KB of volumes.
-w, --waitvol
Wait for a confirmation after each volume change.
-e, --erase
Erase empty blocks on restore with zero bytes.
-m, --allowmnt
Don't fail if the partition is mounted. Dangerous!
-M, --nombr
Don't create a backup of the MBR (Mast Boot Record) in the image file.
-h, --help
Show help.
-v, --version
Show version.
-f action, --finish action
Action to do if finished successfully:

action=0: wait (do nothing)

action=1: halt (power off the computer)

action=2: reboot (restart the computer)

action=3: quit
-b, --batch
batch mode: the GUI won't wait for an user action.
-B 'pattern response string', --fully-batch 'pattern response string'
full batch mode: the GUI is not being displayed. Rather status messages are displayed as normal text. The pattern response string has the following format:


where the glob pattern is matched against the string <window-title>/<message-text> of the message dialogue box to be displayed. For dialog boxes with buttons in the window, the <response> must be the exact button text. The pattern response string usually needs to be quoted as above.
-y, --nosync
Don't synchronize the disks at the end of the operation. Dangerous!
-s addr, --server addr
Give partimaged server's ip address.
-p port, --port port
Give partimaged server's listening port.
-g debuglevel, --debug debuglevel
Set the debug level to debuglevel (defaults to 1).
-n, --nossl
Disable SSL in network mode.
-S, --simulate
Simulation of restoration mode.
-a str, --automnt str
Automatic mount with X options. Read the doc for more details.
-U name, --username=name
Username to authenticate to partimage server.
-P pass, --password=pass
Password for authentication of user to partimage server.


partimage -z1 -o -d save /dev/hda12 /mnt/backup/redhat-6.2.partimg.gz

partimage -z1 -om save /dev/hda9 /mnt/backup/win95-osr2.partimg.gz

partimage restore /dev/hda13 /mnt/backup/suse-6.4.partimg

cat debian.partimg.000 debian.partimg.001 | partimage restore /dev/hda1 stdin

partimage restmbr /mnt/backup/debian-potato-2.2.partimg.bz2

partimage imginfo /mnt/backup/debian-potato-2.2.partimg.bz2



You can read options set at compile time running 'partimage -i'.

When using batchmode, exit status is normaly 0.


For now, only ext2fs, ext3fs, FAT16, FAT32, JFS, NTFS, HPFS, reiserfs, XFS are supported.

UFS is recognized but not yet supported.

FAT12 will never be supported.


Refer to BUGS file to read them.


Franck Ladurelle <>
Francois Dupoux  <>