man svncviewer (Commandes) - a svgalib viewer client for Virtual Network Computing


svncviewer - a svgalib viewer client for Virtual Network Computing


vncserver [options] host:display

options are [-shared] [-raw] [-copyrect] [-rre] [-hextile] [-nocopyrect] [-norre] [-nohextile] [-bgr233] [-owncmap] [-truecolour] [-depth num] [-passwd file] [-period msec] [-delay msec] [-debug] [-help]


svncviewer is a SVGAlib viewer client for Xvnc, the free X server for Virtual Network Computing (VNC). It can connect to a running Xvnc server and display it on a graphics capable console. Further it can transmit mouse and keyevents to the server.

There are viewers for a variety of other plattforms, e.g. X and Windows95/NT. For Linux and Windows also a server exists. With the built-in Java classes, you can even use a Java capable Internet browser to connect to Xvnc.


svncviewer localhost:1
Connects to a running Xvnc session on the local workstation and displays its content in a X window.
svncviewer flora:1
Connects to a running Xvnc on host flora and displays its on the current console.


Prints a short usage notice to stderr.
When you make a connection to a VNC server, all other existing connections are normally closed. This option requests that they be left open, allowing you to share the desktop with someone already using it.
-passwd file
If you are on a filesystem which gives you access to the password file used by the server, you can specify it here to avoid typing it in.
This makes the viewer to install a private colormap on displays with a color depth of 8 bits.
You can enable or disbale certain graphic encodings with these options.
Other Options
Feel free to submit entries for the other options available.


Command to create and change password files to be used by the RFB protocol (can be specified with the -passwd option).
A wrapper script around Xvnc to start the server with appropriate defaults.
The real server. Will be invoked by vncserver.



1998 - Originally written by Marcus Brinkmann ( for the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution.