man dwww-build (Administration système) - build dwww index lists


dwww-build - build dwww index lists


dwww-build [--verbose] --default

dwww-build [--verbose] html-directory


dwww-build builds the index lists of all available documents (manual pages, Info files, and so on); it should be run whenever documentation is installed or removed. dwww(8) does not work unless dwww-build has been run at least once; when the package is installed, it is run automatically. The default dwww installation creates a /etc/cron.daily/dwww, which automatically updates the pages each day.

The html-directory argument specifies the directory where all the dwww HTML files will be stored. No other files should be stored there. If --default is used, the location is checked in /etc/dwww/dwww.conf, and if not specified there, the default directory /var/lib/dwww is used.


Configuration file for dwww(8).
Where all dwww HTML files are stored, if nothing else is specified.



Lars Wirzenius.

See dwww(8) for copyrights and stuff.