man flpsed (Commandes) - a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor


flpsed - a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor


flpsed [-hbd] [-t tag=value] [infile] [outfile]


This manual page documents briefly the flpsed command.

flpsed is a program that lets you add arbitrary text lines to existing PostScript 1 documents. Added lines can later be reedited with flpsed. Using pdftops, which is part of xpdf one can convert PDF documents to PostScript and also add text to them. flpsed is useful for filling in forms, adding notes etc.


These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the Info files.

Print help message.
Batch mode (no gui)
Dump tags and values from a document to stdout (this implies -b)
-t tag=value
Set text to value where tag is tag
Optional input file; in batch mode if no input file is given, input is read from stdin
Optional output file for batch mode; if no output file is given, output is written to stdout


This manual page was written by Morten Brix Pedersen for the Debian system (but may be used by others). Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

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