man caca.c () - Main libcaca functions.


caca.c - Main libcaca functions.



int caca_init (void)

Initialise libcaca. unsigned int caca_get_width (void)

Get the screen width. unsigned int caca_get_height (void)

Get the screen height. char const * caca_get_color_name (enum caca_color color)

Translate a colour index into the colour's name. enum caca_feature caca_get_feature (enum caca_feature feature)

Get the current value of a feature. void caca_set_feature (enum caca_feature feature)

Set a feature. char const * caca_get_feature_name (enum caca_feature feature)

Translate a feature value into the feature's name. void caca_end (void)

Uninitialise libcaca.

Detailed Description

Version: $Id: caca.c 258 2004-01-26 10:52:30Z sam $

Author: Sam Hocevar <>

This file contains the main functions used by libcaca applications to initialise the library, get the screen properties, set the framerate and so on.


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