man graphics.c () - Character drawing.


graphics.c - Character drawing.



void caca_set_color (enum caca_color fgcolor, enum caca_color bgcolor)

Set the default colour pair. enum caca_color caca_get_fg_color (void)

Get the current foreground colour. enum caca_color caca_get_bg_color (void)

Get the current background colour. void caca_putchar (int x, int y, char c)

Print a character. void caca_putstr (int x, int y, char const *s)

Print a string. void caca_printf (int x, int y, char const *format,...)

Format a string. void caca_clear (void)

Clear the screen. int caca_set_window_title (char const *title)

Set the window title. unsigned int caca_get_window_width (void)

Get the window width. unsigned int caca_get_window_height (void)

Get the window height. void caca_set_delay (unsigned int usec)

Set the refresh delay. unsigned int caca_get_rendertime (void)

Get the average rendering time. void caca_refresh (void)

Flush pending changes and redraw the screen.

Detailed Description

Version: $Id: graphics.c 258 2004-01-26 10:52:30Z sam $

Author: Sam Hocevar <>

This file contains character and string drawing functions.


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