man SoGetBoundingBoxAction () - computes bounding box of a scene


SoGetBoundingBoxAction - computes bounding box of a scene


SoAction > SoGetBoundingBoxAction


#include <Inventor/actions/SoGetBoundingBoxAction.h> enum ResetType { c } c } Transformation

c } c } Bounding Box

c } c } Both Transform and Bounding Box

} Methods from class SoGetBoundingBoxAction: c } c } SoGetBoundingBoxAction(const SbViewportRegion &viewportRegion)

c } c } setViewportRegion(const SbViewportRegion &newRegion)

c } c } getViewportRegion() const

c } c } getBoundingBox() const

c } c } getXfBoundingBox()

c } c } getCenter() const

c } c } setInCameraSpace(SbBool flag)

c } c } isInCameraSpace() const

c } c } setResetPath(const SoPath *path, SbBool resetBefore = TRUE, ResetType what = ALL)

c } c } getResetPath() const

c } c } isResetPath() const

c } c } isResetBefore() const

c } c } getWhatReset() const Methods from class SoAction: c } c } apply(SoNode *node)

c } c } apply(SoPath *path)

c } c } apply(const SoPathList &pathList, SbBool obeysRules = FALSE)

c } c } getClassTypeId()

c } c } getTypeId()

c } c } isOfType(SoType type)

c } c } invalidateState()


This class is used to compute a 3D bounding box enclosing objects defined by a scene graph. The box is a rectangular prism. The action also computes the center point, which is defined differently for different objects. (For example, the center of an SoFaceSet is the average of its vertices' coordinates.) For a group, the center point is defined as the average of the centers of all shapes in it. Each bounding box is calculated as a SbXfBox3f, where the transformation matrix is defined so that the bounding box can be stored in the object space of the SoShape. When two bounding boxes are combined by a group node, the combination is performed so as to produce the smaller untransformed box. The result of the calculation by the action can be returned as an SbXfBox3f or as a world-space-aligned SbBox3f. To calculate the bounding box of a subgraph bounded by two paths, specify the left edge of the subgraph with setResetPath(), and apply the action to the path that defines the right edge of the subgraph. The accumulated bounding box and transformation will be reset when the tail of the reset path is traversed. If the subgraph being traversed does not contain any shapes, the returned bounding box will be empty (that is, box.isEmpty() will return TRUE).


c } c } SoGetBoundingBoxAction(const SbViewportRegion &viewportRegion)

Constructor takes viewport region to use for picking. Even though the bounding box computation may not involve a window per se, some nodes need this information to determine their size and placement. c } c } setViewportRegion(const SbViewportRegion &newRegion)

c } c } getViewportRegion() const

Sets/returns current viewport region to use for action. c } c } getBoundingBox() const

Returns computed bounding box in world space. c } c } getXfBoundingBox()

Returns computed bounding box before transformation into world space. c } c } getCenter() const

Returns computed center point in world space. c } c } setInCameraSpace(SbBool flag)

Set this flag to TRUE if you want the returned bounding box to be in the space of whatever camera is in the graph. Camera space is defined to have the viewpoint at the origin, with the direction of view along the negative z axis. This space can be used to determine distances of objects from the camera. c } c } isInCameraSpace() const

Returns camera space flag. c } c } setResetPath(const SoPath *path, SbBool resetBefore = TRUE, ResetType what = ALL)

If a non-NULL path is specified, the action will reset the computed bounding box to be empty and/or the current transformation to identity. The resetBefore flag indicates whether to perform the reset before or after the tail node of the path is traversed. c } c } getResetPath() const

Returns the current reset path, or NULL. c } c } isResetPath() const

Returns TRUE if the current reset path is not NULL. c } c } isResetBefore() const

Returns TRUE if the resetBefore flag was specified for the reset path. c } c } getWhatReset() const

Returns what flags were specified to be reset for the reset path.


SbBox3f, SbXfBox3f, SoGetMatrixAction