man m17nGUI () - GUI support for a window system.


GUI API - GUI support for a window system.


group Frame

A frame is an object corresponding to the graphic device.

group Font

Font object.

group Fontset

A fontset is an object that maps a character to fonts.

group Face

A face is an object to control appearance of M-text.

group Drawing

Drawing M-texts on a window.

group Input Method (GUI)

Input method support on window systems.

Detailed Description

This section defines the m17n GUI API concerning M-text drawing and inputting under a window system.

All the definitions here are independent of window systems. An actual library file, however, can depend on a specific window system. For instance, the library file is an example of implementation of the m17n GUI API for the X Window System.

Actually the GUI API is mainly for toolkit libraries or to implement XOM, not for direct use from application programs.