man m17nLocale () - Locale objects and API for them.


Locale - Locale objects and API for them.


typedef MLocale MLocale

struct MLocale.


MLocale * mlocale_set (int category, const char *name)

Set the current locale. MSymbol mlocale_get_prop (MLocale *locale, MSymbol key)

Get the value of a locale property. int mtext_ftime (MText *mt, const char *format, const struct tm *tm, MLocale *locale)

Format date and time. MText * mtext_getenv (const char *name)

Get an environment variable. int mtext_putenv (MText *mt)

Change or add an environment variable. int mtext_coll (MText *mt1, MText *mt2)

Compare two M-texts using the current locale.


MSymbol Mlanguage

MSymbol Mterritory

MSymbol Mmodifier

MSymbol Mcodeset

Detailed Description

The m17n library represents locale related information as objects of type MLocale.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct MLocale MLocale

The structure MLocale is used to hold information about name, language, territory, modifier, codeset, and the corresponding coding system of locales.

The contents of this structure are implementation dependent. Its internal structure is concealed from application programs.

See Also:.RS 4 mlocale_get_prop()

Variable Documentation

MSymbol Mlanguage

The symbol whose name is 'language'.

MSymbol Mterritory

The symbol whose name is 'territory'.

MSymbol Mmodifier

The symbol whose name is 'modifier'.

MSymbol Mcodeset

The symbol whose name is 'codeset'.