man minput_open_im () - Open an input method.


Inpu - Open an input method.


MInputMethod * minput_open_im (MSymbol language, MSymbol name, void * arg)


The minput_open_im() function opens an input method that matches language language and name name, and returns a pointer to the input method object newly allocated.

This function at first decides an driver for the input method as below.

If language is not Mnil, the driver pointed by the variable minput_driver is used.

If language is Mnil and name has Minput_driver property, the driver pointed to by the property value is used to open the input method. If name has no such property, NULL is returned.

Then, the member MInputDriver::open_im() of the driver is called.


is set in the member arg of the structure MInputMetho so that the driver can refer to it.