man minput_set_spot () - Set the spot of the input context.


Inpu - Set the spot of the input context.


void minput_set_spot (MInputContext * ic, int x, int y, int ascent, int descent, int fontsize, MText * mt, int pos)


The minput_set_spot() function set the spot of input context ic to coordinate (x, y ) with the height ascent and descent. The semantics of these values depend on the input method driver. fontsize specfies the fontsize of a preedit text in 1/10 point.

For instance, an driver designed to work in CUI environment may use x and y as column and row numbers, and ignore ascent and descent. An driver designed to work on a window system may treat x and y as pixel offsets relative to the origin of the client window, and treat ascent and descent as ascent and descent pixels of a line at (x. y ).


and pos is an M-text and a character position at the spot. mt may be NUL, in which case, the input method cannot get information about the text around the spot.