man ns_info (Fonctions bibliothèques) - commands


ns_info, ns_server, ns_stats - commands


ns_info address ns_info argv0 ns_info boottime ns_info builddate ns_info config ns_info home ns_info hostname ns_info interp ns_info label ns_info log ns_info name ns_info pageroot ns_info platform ns_info server ns_info tcllib ns_info uptime ns_info version ns_server option ?arg arg ...? ns_stats option ?arg arg ...?


ns_info boottime Returns the server boot time in seconds. ns_info config Returns the configuration file name. ns_info home Returns the directory where the AOLserver was installed. ns_info hostname Returns the name of the host on which server is running (e.g., ns_info interp Returns the number of the Tcl interpreter currently being used. ns_info label Returns the source code label for the server. If no label was used, "unlabeled" is returned. ns_info log Returns the location of the server log file (e.g., /home/myserver/log/server.log). ns_info name Returns the name of the AOLserver. It's usually "AOLserver." ns_info pageroot returns the directory containing the HTML pages for this virtual server. ns_info platform Returns the name of the platform that the server is running on (e.g., Solaris). ns_info server returns the name of this virtual server. ns_info tcllib returns the directory where the AOLserver Tcl source code resides for this virtual server.

ns_info uptime returns the time in seconds that the server has been up.

ns_info version returns the version of the AOLserver.


nsd(1), info(n)