man SVN::Ra () - Subversion remote access functions


SVN::Ra - Subversion remote access functions


    require SVN::Core;
    require SVN::Ra;
    my $ra = SVN::Ra->new ('file:///tmp/svmtest');
    print $ra->get_latest_revnum ();


SVN::Ra wraps the object-oriented svn_ra_plugin_t functions.


CONSTRUCTOR - new (...)

The method creates an RA object and calls CWopen for it. It takes a hash array as parameter. if there's only one argument supplied, it's used as the url. valid keys are:

An auth_baton could be given to the SVN::RA object. Default to a auth_provider with a username_provider. See SVN::Client for how to create auth_baton.
The pool for the ra session to use, and also the member functions will be called with this pool. Default to a newly created root pool.
The config hash that could be obtained by SVN::Core::config_get_config(undef).
The ra_callback namespace to use. Default to SVN::Ra::Callback.


Please consult the svn_ra.h section in the Subversion API. Member functions of svn_ra_plugin_t could be called as methods of SVN::Ra objects, with the session_baton and pool omitted.


the SVN::Ra methods: do_diff, do_status, do_switch, do_update, returns a SVN::Ra::Reporter object as a wrapper of svn_ra_reporter_t. You can use the member functions of it as methods of SVN::Ra::Reporter, with the reporter_baton omitted.


This is the wrapper class for svn_ra_callback_t. To supply custom callback to SVN::Ra, subclass this class and override the member functions.


Chia-liang Kao <>


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