man pladv () - Advance the (sub-)page


pladv - Advance the (sub-)page




Advances to the next subpage if sub=0, performing a page advance if there are no remaining subpages on the current page. If subwindowing isn't being used, pladv(3plplot)(0) will always advance the page. If sub>0, PLplot switches to the specified subpage. Note that this allows you to overwrite a plot on the specified subpage; if this is not what you intended, use pleop(3plplot) followed by plbop(3plplot) to first advance the page. This routine is called automatically (with sub=0) by plenv(3plplot), but if plenv(3plplot) is not used, pladv(3plplot) must be called after initializing PLplot but before defining the viewport.


sub (PLINT, input)
Specifies the subpage number (starting from 1 in the top left corner and increasing along the rows) to which to advance. Set to zero to advance to the next subpage.


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