man plinit () - Initialize PLplot


plinit - Initialize PLplot




Initializing the plotting package. The program prompts for the device keyword or number of the desired output device. Hitting a RETURN in response to the prompt is the same as selecting the first device. plinit(3plplot) will issue no prompt if either the device was specified previously (via command line flag, the plsetopt(3plplot) function, or the plsdev(3plplot) function), or if only one device is enabled when PLplot is installed. If subpages have been specified, the output device is divided into nx by ny sub-pages, each of which may be used independently. If plinit(3plplot) is called again during a program, the previously opened file will be closed. The subroutine pladv(3plplot) is used to advance from one subpage to the next.


Geoffrey Furnish and Maurice LeBrun wrote and maintain PLplot. This man page was automatically generated from the DocBook source of the PLplot documentation, maintained by Alan W. Irwin and Rafael Laboissiere.


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