man plshade () - Shade individual region on the basis of value


plshade - Shade individual region on the basis of value


plshade(a, nx, ny, defined, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, shade_min, shade_max, sh_cmap, sh_color, sh_width, min_color, min_width, max_color, max_width, fill, rectangular, pltr, pltr_data)


Shade individual region on the basis of value. Use plshades(3plplot) if you want to shade a number of regions using continuous colors. plshade(3plplot) is identical to plshade1(3plplot) except for the type of the first parameter. See plshade1(3plplot) for further discussion.


a (PLFLT **, input)
nx (PLINT, input)
ny (PLINT, input)
defined (PLINT (*) (PLFLT, PLFLT), input)
xmin (PLFLT, input)
xmax (PLFLT, input)
ymin (PLFLT, input)
ymax (PLFLT, input)
shade_min (PLFLT, input)
shade_max (PLFLT, input)
sh_cmap (PLINT, input)
sh_color (PLFLT, input)
sh_width (PLINT, input)
min_color (PLINT, input)
min_width (PLINT, input)
max_color (PLINT, input)
max_width (PLINT, input)
fill (void (*) (PLINT, PLFLT *, PLFLT *), input)
rectangular (PLINT, input)
pltr (void (*) (PLFLT, PLFLT, PLFLT *, PLFLT *, PLPointer) , input)
pltr_data (PLPointer, input)


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