man AnyData::Storage::File () - AnyData::Storage::File -- manipulate files with rich warnings


 AnyData::Storage::File -- manipulate files with rich warnings


 Opens, reads from, writes to, creates and destroys files with numerous
 options for error handling, flocking, binmode, etc.

 The simplest form is the equivalent of

       my $f    = AnyData::Storage::File->new(dirs=>\@dirs,flock=>1);
       my $str1 = $f->adSlurp($file);

       for( @dirs ) {
           open(IN,$file) or die $!;
       sub slurp {
           local *IN;
           local $/ = undef;

 But, depending on how you set the default behaviour


 use AnyData;
 my $f = AnyData::Storage::File->new;

< input, fail if doesn't exist > output, truncate if exists, create if doesn't >> append, create if doesn't exist +< read/write, fail if doesn't exist

r = < r+ =


 my $f = AnyData::Storage::File->new;


 my $f = AnyData::Storage::File->new( %flags );

 %flags is a hash which can contain any or all of:

     f_dir      => $directory,   # defaults to './' (
     binmode    => $binmode,     # defaults to 0 (doesn't binmode files)
     printError => $warnings,    # defaults to 1 (print warning on errors)
 Mode is one of

 a = append     open for reading & writing, create if doesn't exist
 r = read       open for reading, fail if doesn't exist
 u = open       open for reading & writing, fail if doesn't exist
 c = create     open for reading & writing, fail if it already exists
 o = overwrite  open for reading & writing, overwrite if it already exists

 Additionally, all modes fail if the file can't be opened.  On systems
 that support flock, 'r' fails if a shared lock can not be obtained; the
 other modes fail if an exclusive lock can't be obtained.