man Gtk2::main () - Gtk2::main




boolean = Gtk2->alternative_dialog_button_order ($screen=undef)

event or undef = Gtk2->get_current_event

modifiertype = Gtk2->get_current_event_state

unsigned = Gtk2->get_current_event_time

language = Gtk2->get_default_language


widget or undef = Gtk2->get_event_widget ($event)

integer = Gtk2->events_pending

Gtk2->grab_add ($widget)

widget or undef = Gtk2->grab_get_current

Gtk2->grab_remove ($widget)

boolean = Gtk2->init

Initialize Gtk+. This must be called before any other Gtk2 functions in a GUI application; the Gtk2 module's import method allows you to pass CW-init in the CWuse statement to do this automatically. This function also scans @ARGV for any options it knows, and will remove them automagically. Note: this function will terminate your program if it is unable to initialize the gui for any reason. If you want your program to fall back to some other interface, you want to use CWGtk2->init_check instead.

boolean = Gtk2->init_check

This is the non-fatal version of CWGtk2->init; instead of calling CWexit if Gtk+ initialization fails, CWGtk2->init_check returns false. This allows your application to fall back on some other means of communication with the user - for example a curses or command-line interface. Install a key snooper function, which will get called on all key events before those events are delivered normally. These snoopers can be used to implement custom key event handling. snooper will receive the widget to which the event will be delivered and the event, and also func_data (if provided). If snooper returns true, the event propagation will stop (just like normal event handlers). CWkey_snooper_install returns an id that may be used with CWkey_snooper_remove.

Gtk2->key_snooper_remove ($snooper_handler_id)

string = Gtk2->set_locale


Gtk2->main_do_event ($event)

This is the event handler that GTK+ registers with GDK. GTK+ exposes it to allow filtering of events between GDK and GTK+; it is rare that you would need this, except if you are using CWGtk2::Gdk::Event::handler_set.

boolean = Gtk2->main_iteration

boolean = Gtk2->main_iteration_do ($blocking)

integer = Gtk2->main_level


boolean = Gtk2->parse_args

Gtk2->quit_remove ($quit_handler_id)


flags Gtk2::Gdk::ModifierType

* 'shift-mask' / 'GDK_SHIFT_MASK'
* 'lock-mask' / 'GDK_LOCK_MASK'
* 'control-mask' / 'GDK_CONTROL_MASK'
* 'mod1-mask' / 'GDK_MOD1_MASK'
* 'mod2-mask' / 'GDK_MOD2_MASK'
* 'mod3-mask' / 'GDK_MOD3_MASK'
* 'mod4-mask' / 'GDK_MOD4_MASK'
* 'mod5-mask' / 'GDK_MOD5_MASK'
* 'button1-mask' / 'GDK_BUTTON1_MASK'
* 'button2-mask' / 'GDK_BUTTON2_MASK'
* 'button3-mask' / 'GDK_BUTTON3_MASK'
* 'button4-mask' / 'GDK_BUTTON4_MASK'
* 'button5-mask' / 'GDK_BUTTON5_MASK'
* 'release-mask' / 'GDK_RELEASE_MASK'
* 'modifier-mask' / 'GDK_MODIFIER_MASK'




Copyright (C) 2003-2005 by the gtk2-perl team.

This software is licensed under the LGPL. See Gtk2 for a full notice.