man VCP::RevMapDB () - Persistant storage for id -> (name, rev_id) maps


VCP::RevMapDB - Persistant storage for id -> (name, rev_id) maps


    use base qw( VCP::RevMapDB );


By default, most VCP::Dest::* drivers keep track of the relationship between the id field assigned by the (original) VCP::Source::* driver and the final name and rev_id (or whatever fields are important to it) in the destination repository so that the previous_id fields, which refer to the original id, may be resolved when backfilling or branching.

The VCP::*::revml drivers do not do this; they do not need to resolve id fields.

The intent for this file is to serve as a base class so that individual sites may write their own RevMapDB plugins to, for instance, store this state in a RDBMS table. This is not quite offered at this time; we need to add an option to the appropriate VCP::Dest::* modules to allow the appropriate RevMapDB file to be loaded.

To write your own RevMapDB file, see VCP::RevMapDB::sdbm.


Barrie Slaymaker <>


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