man VCP::Source::revml () - Reads a RevML file


VCP::Source::revml - Reads a RevML file


## revml input class:

   vcp foo.revml                     [dest_spec]
   vcp foo.revml --uncompress        [dest_spec]
   vcp foo.revml --dtd <revml.dtd>   [dest_spec]
   vcp foo.revml --version <version> [dest_spec]
   vcp revml:foo.revml:/foo/bar/...  [dest_spec]

Where <source> is a filename for input; or missing or '-' for STDIN.


This source driver allows vcp to read a RevML file.

For now, all revisions are fully reconstituted in the working directory in order to make sure that all of the patches apply cleanly. This can require a huge amount of disk space, but it works (optimizing this is on the TODO).


Use the indicated DTD version (must be compiled in to VCP) to parse the RevML file.
Force uncompression of gzipped input. If the input file ends in '.gz', the uncompress flag is implied.
set the repo_spec, but die if no good. this should be called from a ui handler that will handle exceptions.


Barrie Slaymaker <>


Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002 Perforce Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

See VCP::License (CWvcp help license) for the terms of use.