man publib () - introduction to publib


publib - introduction to publib


#include <publib.h>


publib is both a library of C functions that are useful in many of programs, and a framework for building such a library from components (called modules) provided by separate people. It is an extension to the Standard C library (as defined by the ISO/ANSI C standard 9899-1990). To use the functions in publib, #include <publib.h> and link with the libpub.a library (adding -lpub at the end of the link command should work, if the library has been installed properly). See the source code and/or man page for each module for copyright restrictions (which may be different for different modules).

The publib framework is distributed separately from the library modules. The framework contains no library functions at all. Some of the currently available modules are:

string and memory area manipulation
memory allocation
comparison functions for qsort, bsearch, and others
expression evaluation

More to be expected in future releases.


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