man rtl_free_irq () - install and remove realtime interrupt handlers


rtl_free_irq, rtl_request_irqrtl_request_irq - install and remove realtime interrupt handlers


#include <rtl_core.h> 
int rtl_request_irq             (unsigned int irq,  
unsigned int (*handler)(unsigned int irq, struct pt_regs *regs)); 
int rtl_free_irq(unsigned int irq); 


These functions are specific to Realtime Linux. The sigaction interface is a higher level alternative. rtl_request_irq registers the function handler as the interrupt handler for IRQ level irq. The handler will be executed with hardware interrupts disabled.

Note: The interrupt will be disabled during the handler execution. If it is necessary to receive further interrupts from this device, you must reenable the interrupt line with the rtl_hard_enable_irq(3) function. It is almost always a terrible mistake to call rtl_allow_irqs in an interrupt handler.

rtl_free_irq removes the interrupt handler for IRQ level irq.


All functions return 0 on success and a negative error code on error.


rtl_request_irq: Interrupt handler is already installed for this interrupt level.
rtl_free_irq: There is no handler currently installed for this interrupt level


Michael Barabanov ( (link to URL )


sigaction(2) (link to URL sigaction.2.html) , rtl_hard_enable_irq(3) (link to URL rtl_hard_enable_irq.3.html) , rtl_hard_disable_irq(3) (link to URL rtl_hard_disable_irq.3.html)

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