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#include <Inventor/lists/SoEnabledElementsList.h>

Detailed Description

The SoEnabledElementsList class is a container for type info for element types that are enabled in actions.

This class is probably not interesting for the application programmer.

Public Member Functions

SoEnabledElementsList (SoEnabledElementsList *const parentlist)

~SoEnabledElementsList ()

const SoTypeList & getElements (void) const

void enable (const SoType elementtype, const int stackindex)

void merge (const SoEnabledElementsList &eel)

Static Public Member Functions

static int getCounter (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoEnabledElementsList::SoEnabledElementsList (SoEnabledElementsList *const parentlist)


SoEnabledElementsList::~SoEnabledElementsList ()


Member Function Documentation

const SoTypeList & SoEnabledElementsList::getElements (void) const

Return the list of enabled elements.

void SoEnabledElementsList::enable (const SoType elementtype, const int stackindex)

Add an elementtype to the list of enabled elements if it's not enabled already.

void SoEnabledElementsList::merge (const SoEnabledElementsList & eel)

Enables all the elements from the eel list that is enabled in this instance.

int SoEnabledElementsList::getCounter (void) [static]

Return the current setting of the global counter used to determine when lists are out of date. It is incremented whenever a new element is added to a list.


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