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#include <Inventor/sensors/SoFieldSensor.h>

Inherits SoDataSensor.

Detailed Description

The SoFieldSensor class detects changes to a field.

Attach a field to a sensor of this type to put it under surveillance, so you can act upon changes to the field.

Public Member Functions

SoFieldSensor (void)

SoFieldSensor (SoSensorCB *func, void *data)

virtual ~SoFieldSensor (void)

void attach (SoField *field)

void detach (void)

SoField * getAttachedField (void) const

virtual void trigger (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoFieldSensor::SoFieldSensor (void)


SoFieldSensor::SoFieldSensor (SoSensorCB * func, void * data)

Constructor taking as parameters the sensor callback function and the userdata which will be passed the callback.

See also: setFunction(), setData()

SoFieldSensor::~SoFieldSensor (void) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void SoFieldSensor::attach (SoField * field)

Attach sensor to a field. Whenever the field's value changes, the sensor will be triggered and call the callback function.

A field sensor can be attached to only a single field at a time. When this method is invoked multiple times, each subsequent call will replace the field the sensor is monitoring with the new field.

See also: detach()

void SoFieldSensor::detach (void)

Detach sensor from field. As long as an SoFieldSensor is detached, it will never call its callback function.

See also: attach()

SoField * SoFieldSensor::getAttachedField (void) const

Returns a pointer to the field connected to the sensor.

See also: attach(), detach()

void SoFieldSensor::trigger (void) [virtual]

Trigger the sensor's callback function.

Reimplemented from SoDataSensor.


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