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#include <Inventor/elements/SoGLColorIndexElement.h>

Inherits SoReplacedElement.

Detailed Description

The SoGLColorIndexElement class sets the current OpenGL color.

This element is only used when the OpenGL canvas is in colorindex mode, ie where colors for individual pixels are fetched from a color lookup table ('CLUT'). The usual thing to do is to set up a canvas in RGBA truecolor mode.

One common use for colorindex mode OpenGL canvases is to use one in the overlay planes (which are usually limited to only 2 or 4 available colors), if supported by the OpenGL hardware and / or driver.

See also: SoColorIndex

Public Member Functions

virtual void init (SoState *state)

int32_t getNum (void) const

int32_t get (const int index) const

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId (void)

static int getClassStackIndex (void)

static void * createInstance (void)

static void initClass (void)

static SbBool isColorIndexMode (SoState *state)

static void set (SoState *const state, SoNode *const node, const int32_t numindices, const int32_t *const indices)

static const SoGLColorIndexElement * getInstance (SoState *state)

static int32_t getDefault (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~SoGLColorIndexElement ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoGLColorIndexElement::~SoGLColorIndexElement () [protected, virtual]

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

SoType SoGLColorIndexElement::getClassTypeId (void) [static]

This static method returns the class type.

Reimplemented from SoReplacedElement.

int SoGLColorIndexElement::getClassStackIndex (void) [static]

This static method returns the state stack index for the class.

Reimplemented from SoReplacedElement.

void * SoGLColorIndexElement::createInstance (void) [static]

This API member is considered internal to the library, as it is not likely to be of interest to the application programmer.

void SoGLColorIndexElement::initClass (void) [static]

Initialize relevant common data for all instances, like the type system.

Reimplemented from SoReplacedElement.

SbBool SoGLColorIndexElement::isColorIndexMode (SoState * state) [static]

Returns TRUE if the current GL context is in color index mode.

void SoGLColorIndexElement::init (SoState * state) [virtual]

This function initializes the element type in the given SoState. It is called for the first element of each enabled element type in SoState objects.

Reimplemented from SoReplacedElement.

void SoGLColorIndexElement::set (SoState *const state, SoNode *const node, const int32_t numindices, const int32_t *const indices) [static]

Sets current color indices.

const SoGLColorIndexElement * SoGLColorIndexElement::getInstance (SoState * state) [static]

Returns the current element.

int32_t SoGLColorIndexElement::getNum (void) const

Returns number of color indices in element.


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